The Lilies Garden

We moved  to our home here in 2006 from Oxford where we lived in a semi detached house with a small town garden. We had lived there for 22 years and over that time built up and developed the garden filling every available space with plants and, in the latter years winning a number of gold awards in the local Oxford in Bloom competitions.
A large garden was on our ‘wish list’ when we moved here and the Lilies more than met our wishes!! The house had been unoccupied for about 18 months when we arrived and nature had had plenty of time to reclaim the garden.
Beginning at the house we have gradually moved out restoring existing borders and developing new areas.With a restricted budget almost all the work has been done by ourselves and large numbers of plants have been produced from seeds and cuttings.
The adjoining meadow and woodland areas are both SSSI’s which we manage with the help of Natural England, sheep graze the meadow once a year to maintain good conditions for the wide variety of wildflowers and sycamore is removed from the woodland together with some hazel coppicing to allow the native ash to thrive.

This is your garden, Creator God.

A thing of beauty  beyond understanding.

A poem that is being written,

Not in word’s, but in colours,

Wind’s whisper, soaring bird,

Snowdrop’s petal, gentle rain,

Sunlight’s warmth

This is your garden Creator God.

A thing of beauty beyond understanding

John Birch