St James’ Church Brassington Christmas Decorations Sale

Welcome to our online sale of Christmas table decorations; we hope you will find something to brighten up your home at this difficult time.

Please note the photos are examples only and your decoration may vary a little from what is shown.

No payment is required when ordering, please have the correct cash or cheque payable to St James PCC in an envelope to give us on delivery.

Delivery will be within a roughly 3 mile radius of Brassington and Grange Mill. We plan to deliver for 3 weeks beginning Sat 22nd Nov and finishing with a small sale from the church porch on Sat 12th Dec when pre-ordered decorations can also be collected.  This will be subject to easing of the Nov 5th lockdown rules and any changes will be updated here.

You can add which week you would prefer delivery in the delivery comments box, we will then contact you by phone or email to arrange a mutually convenient delivery time.

Numbers of each item available is shown. These are limited by materials and time needed to produce the decorations.

All money raised will go to the day to day work of St James church in the village.

If you have a problem ordering, please ring 01629 650277