The garden continues to bloom 2014 and on into the future

DSC03734DSC03342DSC025162014 brought a good summer with plenty of warm sunshine, We were able to enjoy another wonderful display, add new plants to the borders and had a good veg supply from the plot.

DSC00809Family sadness and health problems meant we did not do any major redevelopment projects this year but we were inspired whilst visiting a stately home on holiday to make some changes to the bottom garden. We are now only cutting parts of the grass on a regular basis allowing other areas to develop as meadow. We had a good display of wild flowers here including a wild orchid and hope to add in more species suited to wetland areas in the coming years.

                                                                  Christmas saw very heavy snowfall bringing down some trees in the gardenDSC04587 which had to be cleared in the new year.





A cold few months followed cheered by the arrival of the snowdrops and then lovely displays of daffodils by Easter 2015



A warm spell of weather helped the garden grow but the colder early months meant our opening in June saw less colour in the garden with many perennials not fully out.   The candelabra primulas were lovely as always though and the lilies beautiful although none opened until into July!


DSC05532DSC05747By September everything was in full bloom and looking great. Time to sit back and enjoy a long warm autumn before tidying up and putting it all to bed ready for next year




The garden continues to give us great pleasure whatever the season and we feel so privileged both to have it and to be able to share it with others. 2016 was a very eventful year for us with some lovely times as we celebrated 10 years of living here and some great sadness as we said goodbye to the last of our parents. It will continue to be a very special place for us but the time for major change is probably now complete. As with all gardens it will carry on developing with or without our help and always have something new to show us. We will continue to capture this on our Special moments Gallery page.